Monday 28 March 2016

Easter FNSI 2016

What a great weekend to sit & do some sewing. Had some help from my little chicken.

Hope you all had a fun weekend. Thanks Wendy for the inspiration.

Friday was the first rain we have had in months.
It was so nice to hang out with the squids inside play games, sew & watch some TV.

Last weekend I joined Mum (Life on the block) at a retreat where I started my first new quilt for the year.
Pacific Crest by John Q Adams in Beyond Neutral publication. The quilt on the cover.

This weekend I have been working on making all the blocks.
104 HST for 52 6 1/2" blocks & 34 HST for 17 12 1/2" blocks.
Wow that is a lot of cutting.

Half way through the 6 1/2" blocks, still need to make 20 sub blocks.
Is going together well.

Off now to spend some time with emboirdery friends.
Enjoy crafting Sandra

Saturday 20 February 2016

Feb 2016 FNSI

Hi Ladies, 
Hope you all enjoyed some sewing or craft in your little hide a ways.

Myself I started early as the family were popping out in the evening for dinner with friends.
So after the gym, I spent the afternoon putting together some of my X & + columns.
One of my UFO's which really doesn't need much work. Now just 5 seams & boarders.
This morning another one of my UFO's needed unpicking!! Rude I know.
I was unhappy with some of my quilting & decided to unpick it ......nooooooooo.
Now it is back under the machine to be finished before Mum visits again!!

Enjoy Sandra

Sunday 14 February 2016

Baby Bunting in Pink

Well not bad!! A week after starting the Baby Bunting in Pink quilt it is finished.
Now just need to hand it over to the beautiful little girl Sienna, maybe I will get a cuddle.
Here it is - Front

And -Back

I have also made a block for my piƱata quilt.

Also a little quilt of love from some of the scraps. Top & bottom boarders & done. 

Now it is back to my UFO's hopefully no one needs anything done around the house LOL.
Hugz Sandra

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Great weekend with Mum FEb2016

Had a wonderful extended weekend with Mum. Friday to Monday, with sewing, chatting & shopping all rolled into one visite.
Mum came on Friday just in time to sit & sew together for FnwFs in my craft room.

Not a lot of sewing got done, I was on a mission hunting for missing blinding, which in turn meant cleaning up my stash of fabric. Mission was completed, binding found ready to complete next UFO project. It was worth all the cleaning to find it!

Next day off we went to Pinjarra to catch up with quilting friends. Great day to stay inside and stitch as the heat wave scorched very thing out side. We are now in our 4th day over 40degC!!

Saturday I got some great news that a friend had given birth to a baby girl. Finally a pink one after 4 tries.....brave lady. So Mum & I decided that she would need a new PINK quilt! No blue aloud.

After finding some very pink fabric from the stash & a pattern I hadn't tried we were off to find fabrics to complete the quilt. Love shopping on a Sunday! 

Thanks to Mum for helping pick the colours, calculating quanities & arranging the beautiful quilt.

I think it will be call Pink Baby Bunting. What do you think so far?

Bye for now, Hugz Sandra

Thursday 28 January 2016

2016 FNSI

Thanks to all the lovely ladies for joining in the first FNSI for 2016.
I was away down south visiting an old friend & had disconnected my self from my iPad for the weekend. Such a nice thing to do once & a while. 
As we sat side by side on her couch chatting I still got a little stitching done on my ongoing Scandivain Chirstmas stitchery.

Hope you all are having a good start to the year.
Hugs Sandra

Saturday 19 December 2015

December FNSI

Thanks to Wendy and all the ladies that joined in on the last FNSI for the year.
I found it a little hard to find my way into the craft room last night! 
Already feels like time to sit and relax.
With some last minute Christmas finishes I finally found my in & put the binding on a table running which is for my Christmas table. 
Just need to sit and do the hand sewing.
A couple of weeks ago Mum was here and put together another one of my blocks for my Scandinavian Christmas wall hanging. I also did a little stitching on that. 
I wish all the blogging ladies a wonderfull Christmas & I will look forward to seeing all the beautiful things people make in the New Year.
Hugs Sandra

Monday 7 December 2015

December FnwFs

Well here is the little project that I finished on December FnwFs.
I did think that dance costume were finish......not quiet!
Decorated 15 hats
Turned out well. Hope you all had a nice evening
Hugs Sandra