Saturday, 2 May 2015

May FnwFs

Yesterday I went for a long bike ride (50km) so only a little sewing got done before I started to fade.
Such a beautiful day.

Quilted the Jelly Roll Challenge.

Also cleaned out some of my stash last night & found my Scandinavian Christmas! UFO form 2011!
Have set it up so I can stitch while watching TV.

Hope you had fun sewing along on FnwFs thanks.
Hugs Sandra

Saturday, 18 April 2015

FNSI April

Thanks to Wendy and all the ladies sewing around the world.
Hope you had a great evening.

As it was school holidays the Squids & I headed to Dongara to spend some time with Mum (Life on the Block Blog fame).

A lot of fun has been had! With swimming & walking on the beach, coffee & milkshakes at the seaside cafe, lovely dinners with movies for kids and sewing for Mum & I in the evenings.

It has been a very successful visit for me with two backings made, two quilts pinned, one binding made and tonight I used Mums design wall to organise the X & + quilt. Sorted.

Now I can head home tomorrow with a lot of work to get done in my bags.
Thanks Mum for a lovely holiday & FNSI.
Love Sandra

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Fabric Fun

Well a lot has been achieved over the last couple of weeks since my last post.
Sorry to the Fridays ladies for not posting earlier. Did think that FnWF was this week Opps.

Boarders finished on the A4AQ! Tick
Awaiting a trip to visit Mum's in the school holidays to pick up a backing fabric to complete the pinning and quilting.

Jelly roll challange completed. Set by Mum for her patch group. Tick
Will pin this when a friend is pops over to pin her UFO this Friday.

Now onto my latest project.....a little something for me.
It is Called X & + by Birgitte Heitland.
I even brought the recommend fabric "Comma" by Moda many moons ago.
Loads of cutting with this one. Cut 288x2 1/2" blocks!!!
Now the fun part of lying out the colours for each block. Wish I had a design wall for this bit.

First block finished. ��

Busy, busy, busy, fun, fun, fun.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

FNWFS March 2015

Thanks to all the lovely ladies that I have joined to FNWFS tonight.
Hope you enjoyed a crafty evening.

Last night I worked on a boarder for the latest UFO quilt that I am attempting to finish.
This quilt just needs a little more width in the side boarders so it sits nicely on the bed.

So I set out to make a braided boarder!
I have not done one of these before, so off to YouTube I head and find myself a tut. 
The tut I found used triangles to make up the braid, which meant that I could use my new ruler which I purchased on a Bloggers get together recently.
The braid is coming along!

Hope you all had a good Friday Night
Hugs Sandra

Thursday, 19 March 2015

UFO Number Three

Here is a quilt Which was started early 2013.
It was a quilt along called Aiming for Accuracy. Another challenge for me to do different blocks and maybe some things I wouldn't choose.

It is only the flimsy at the moment but it shouldn't take long now to finish and put it on the spare bed (Mum's room)!!
Not sure how accurate it is but it is looking good from this distance! Happy when I see this one done.
Then I will let myself start a new one. LOL
Bye Sandra

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lovely Weekend

Enjoyed sewing with all the people around the world on FnwFs.
I had my best friend over to sew with me for Friday Night with Friends......Mum.
It was more like a long weekend sewing affair.

It started with Mum and I heading to the Sculptures by the Sea an Arts display held every year in March at Cottesloe beach. Here is Mum giving one a cuddle.
There are so many different types to see all along the beach. This year there are also some in the sea, under the sand and climbing the walls. Here is one of my favourites. Looks so light.
After that a quick spot of lunch down at Port beach then home to pick up a sick Squid2. 
That was not in the plan! So home to do some sewing.

Mum helped me pin one of the B&W quilts of my Yin & Yan UFO. Here it is all finished, Yin only!
Sunday we also got together with some of my re enacting friends for an embroidery afternoon.

We had a great weekend with lots of sewing, coffee and laughter. Love you Mum.
See you all next FnwFs.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Hedeby Bag

Last weeks project

Well it looks like I have been side tracked again!

As a member of an re-enactment group 'The Grey Company' I am always making things to wear and use.
My most recent item is something I have been wanting to make for some time.
A Hedeby Bag! 

Hedeby is a Viking town c900-1100 located between modern day Germany and Denmark. 
During a dig in the town they found the wooden handles similar to the ones shown.
So I have made a replica. 

These handles were carved by DH out of Tassie Oak, the bag has been constructed from herringbone wool, which was purchased in Tassie and linen lining. 
Hand sewn with linen thread to keeping with viking tradition.

I think that it turned out well.

As it was the groups 31st Birthday on the weekend. 
We get together for a party and give gifts to friends within the group, secret Santa style.
My partner was very happy with her gift. Always great to get something you can use.
Now I just need to make myself one :-)
Hugs Sandra