Monday, 23 February 2015

Hedeby Bag

Last weeks project

Well it looks like I have been side tracked again!

As a member of an re-enactment group 'The Grey Company' I am always making things to wear and use.
My most recent item is something I have been wanting to make for some time.
A Hedeby Bag! 

Hedeby is a Viking town c900-1100 located between modern day Germany and Denmark. 
During a dig in the town they found the wooden handles similar to the ones shown.
So I have made a replica. 

These handles were carved by DH out of Tassie Oak, the bag has been constructed from herringbone wool, which was purchased in Tassie and linen lining. 
Hand sewn with linen thread to keeping with viking tradition.

I think that it turned out well.

As it was the groups 31st Birthday on the weekend. 
We get together for a party and give gifts to friends within the group, secret Santa style.
My partner was very happy with her gift. Always great to get something you can use.
Now I just need to make myself one :-)
Hugs Sandra 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Bunny Kisses

UFO's on the Back Burner

After meeting new people at our bloggers meeting I have been introduced to some new modern quilt blogs. Mmmmm new blocks to try. I have gone on a little side track Opps. 
Here is a little one I made called Bunny Kisses. 

Made a little mistake when putting it together. Can anyone see what it is. Didn't notice until I hung it on the fence. LOL maybe some webbing was in order!

As apart of the Arts festival on in Perth, giant puppets have been wondering around the CBD. 
So the family & I headed out to see them. It was an amazing site. We found the giant diver sleeping in the park, he was waken up with music, then he had his helmet put on & then off he went looking for the little girl.

Then we saw the giant girl riding on her boat down the street. We had a great spot above all the crowd. And got to see her quite clearly. After this we all went out for dinner. 

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Yin and Yang

Progress on a Busy weekend.

Here is the progress on my UFO2. 
Although Mum and I caught up with our WA blogging friends on Saturday, for a great shop, laugh and luncheon.
I have still had time to put together the two flimsys for the B&W quilts, Yin & Yang.
After putting together the blocks I found that some of the whites are a little creamier in the kit. 
Oh well it is off to the theater room where it is often dark with the family movie nights.

Had trouble with the photo bombers today!! Thanks Oma & Squids.

When looking in my stash for some more B&W fabric to make more blocks to even up the two quilts I found myself another UFO!
This was a B&W cobble stone swap which is from 2011 and was done with a local craft group in Willeton.
Looks like I need to finish a table runner and a few place mats next.

After this project I will be catching up on some costumes.
Hugs Sandra 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

UFO Number Two 2015

Yin & Yang
Here is my next project. B&W blocks for a single bed size lap quilt.

It is a UFO from 2010 when we moved into the new house. Mum purchased a whole kit for me to make a quilt for my husbands B&W themed Theatre Room.

The blocks have been going together quiet easily being 151/2" sq finished.
Now it is time to sorted their layout & sew them together in time for the Bloggers shopping trip on Saturday. Where I will find a backing to complete them.
Oh this is only half the blocks!
Hugs Sandra

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Little one Finished

Here is the little quilt finished that I had shown in the last post.
It was a great little pattern called Disco by Jaybird Quilts. Something I picked up at last year WA Quilt show to challenge myself.

The multiable seams we're not to bad, just cutting without the special ruler was a bit time consuming, as the accuracy was the key to the success.
The zip zag edge is great love it.

Check out the back, using scraps to make it a little different.

My plan is to make one UFO then one new item. So off to dig out my next project.
Have a great week bye Sandra

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Enjoying the Holiday Season

Happy Australia Day all that live in our great land. It has been a month since Christmas & it has been a great holiday season going to the beach, catching up with friends and family & crafting on the hot days in the air conditioning with the Cricket or Tennis in the back ground. It has been a nice holiday with DH also having the time off.

While watching/listening tennis I have finally finished a Mum's quilt. Finished size is 85"x92" (216cm x 235cm). It started a long time ago (July 2013) as a sampler to challange myself to try different blocks. The colours just reminded me of going to Mum & Dad sea side home, aqua for the beautiful water, gold for the the sunshine, white for the beach & blue for the great skies. Just love a visit to Oma & Pop's house. What do you think?

Maybe be the reason quilts take so long to get finished, is that I get side tracked when I hear there is a new baby on the way or a clarity quilt needs to be made or dance costumes for 19 to be made. Here is the lastest top finished on the weekend.

Looking forward to having some time to craft over the next year.
Hugs Sandra 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

FNSI August

Another great FNSI. Thanks to Wendy & all who sewed with me last night from around the world.
For me August is time for Dance Costume Sewing but last night I wanted to do some enjoyable sewing so this is what I got done.

Frist I pinned, quilted & sew a little cot quilt

Then I set out to make the last of the blocks for my Mums Summer quilt.

And finally a little bit of stippling on a UOF.

So now it is back to the costums.
Hugs Sandra