Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Finding Space

In the last year our family has moved into our new home.
At first we felt like four little rain drops in a empty bucket.

 There where a few reasons for this, one being that most of our things had been packed away for the past year while the house was being built and
two the house is soooo much than the last one.

It has been around eight months now and our feet have started to settle in the sand (that is because the yard is still a sandpit......he he)
Things are starting to fine there place within the house.

New bench/things draws
While adding some new furnisher to the craft room I came across couple of my
UFOs projects
Look at what I found in this brown paper bag!!!!!

                                                                        A whole quilt kit waiting to be noticed.

Well it time to cook the Squid's some dinner, so I can get into my little space and do the
craft thing all evening.

Bye Hugz

1 comment:

Maria said...

OH I want a nice cupboard like that too.What a wonderful one. all those draws. Did you only buy ONE!!
Pleased you found the kit. Now you have to make it. HaHa!!