Sunday, 10 April 2011

Getting it done....

Look what happened in the craft room
last night...and no it wasn't the elves.

Just went in to sit for a while and things got done.

Here are some more fabric for B&W's cobblestone swap.
And a start on the UFO Quilt I found in a box.
Made 48/72 blocks in one night.
Not bad for a flat day.

Have just finished the first coat on the Squids bathroom,
No time for the wicked need to get there uniforms ironed (BAD Ironing) for school tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a good weekend,
one more week of school.
Ya holidays.

Bye Sandra


Maria said...

WOW!! Well done Sandra. Will have to buy you another kit. LOL

Catherine said...

I'm actually really looking forward to the school holidays! Don't know how much sewing or blogging I will get done but I know I'll get lots of train trips and beach trips and I'll build a few train tracks and bounce on the trampoline lots and that is all good.
Happy sewing