Thursday, 5 May 2011

Back to craft.

Over the past couple of weeks this has been my hand sewing project.

A little friend of mine is a great fan of this little book
(which was given to her by little old me....he he)
She will be travelling with us later this year so why not make her a

    The moon, leaf & the egg, warm sun and the hungry little guy.

Next will be the big guy & the cocoon.
The cocoon is made up of straps from my 'Cats Meow' quilt.
Love a good recycle.
Not sure what to do for the butterfly!!!!
It is very detailed.
Lets see what pops into this space.


Catherine said...

oh WOW my little miss LOVES this book too - did you follow a pattern or make it from your mind??

Maria said...

Oh it is looking good Sandra. Your little friend will just LOVE her caterpillar Quillow.
What about some of the scraps from Squid 1 s quilt for the butterfly????

Cheryll said...

Looks like a fabulous project. It will be so bright and colourful! Nice work! :)

Karen 'n Chris said...

Really cute. Better than the printed version. Will be loved for sure.
Do you use fusible webbing at all?