Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Costume time......

Only half my stash..he he
Red Alert Midwinter's banquet in 18days
Well costumes are in full swing now. All my fabric tubs are in the hall and DH has chosen his colours and fabric type. Now I have to fit a very complicated pattern with little time again until the big event. Only 18 days until Viking Midwinter's Banquet.   
DH would like these pants to start!!
How many pieces?

Maybe some background info would be good to go with this post.
My other passion is costume making.
My family and I are members of an Dark ages re-enactment group called
"The Grey Company"
Each year on the shortest and the longest day of the year ,
we get together with our group and have a banquet.
Awards, prizes and ranks within the group are given on such occasions,
plus good food and drink.
So each year we make and effort to make new costumes for the big events.
We also would use these costumes in our shows we do during the year.
Some people play golf!!!!!!!

The furry design assistant approves

Yes Holly is never far from the action

Pants are cut and now working on putting the tricky thing together.
I counted 6 pieces plus the belt loops.

Hand sewn!!!!

finished Product

DH made added the leather part today
Buckle purchased many moons ago.

Didn't do to badly pants in 1 day.
Now I have a shirt, jacket and a new dress for squid 1.
Why do I have soooo much fun doing other craft!!!!!!
Bye off to my next project
Cobblestone swap. 


Maria said...

Go Girl.I know you will get it all done. And they say you have sooooo much time because you do not have a paid job.
Like the colour of DH itchy pants. Maybe there will be scraps. LOL. XX

Pleased my cobblestones are done!!!

Catherine said...

Midwinter Banquet sounds like a lot of fun xxx

BubzRugz said...

Oh wow.... so clever....

Karen 'n Chris said...

Excellent finish! Is the fabric wool? Aren't modern patterns a blessing. Imagine having to fit the pants without a pattern. Careful where you put the pins.