Thursday, 26 May 2011

How time flies....

Yes how time flies when you are having fun.
Mum and I have spent the last week together, shopping, coffee, visiting Dad.
Just checkups he is doing fine.
My little craft group and then the big event Craft show and weekend retreat.

Mum and I finally found our way to the Craft show on Thursday.......I got lost in and then out of the car park. Was not funny at the time as the city was full of office works and crafties alike.
Not a car park to be found.
When we got in had a great time looking at all the stores and all the amazing quilts
the people of Perth had put together.
Mum put a stop to buying any more!!!!!!!!
Craft show hoard
Then the next day it was time to take a road trip.
Car is packed with bedding, sewing machines, snacks and projects. 
Off to York 1.5hrs east of Perth.
But Mum and I being the shopping/craft-a-holics took about 4hrs to get there....oops!

My first job was to finish my little owl to watch over me.
The retreat was held by the York Barn Owls,
so I needed my own mascot....Little barn owl.
Also My FNSI project, didn't get to post it on time.

Happy to say that alot of sewing was completed on the weekend.
Along with ALOT of good food, laughter and little walks around the town.
(needed to move some of that food around)

Cats Meow finish
Just in time for a little cooler weather
Western Oz

Slash bag finished for friends Birthday.Yes
Well need to go and clean up the house now the workmen have finished sanding the ceilings!!!
Would rather be in my sunny craft room 


Maria said...

Okay Sandra. I was having heaps of trouble trying to post a comment but one of my blogging friends helped me fix it. Yeh!!!

I had a wonderful with you even though you got lost in the car park and I directed you the wrong way back to Perth.We will laugh about that often.

I bet you are pleased the workmen have finished. Do you need to paint again??

The quilt looks great on your couch and I am sure your friend will love her bag. Your little owl is cute too.

Khris said...

Couldn't find a better mascot then an owl of course....who doesn't love owls...hugs Khris