Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Who has time for idle hands??????

Off to my craft room to put together B&W cobblestone swap bags.
I am running a little swap with my Wednesday craft ladies (tomorrow squids back to school). Two fat quarters and you will get a table runner, then our group can also make a quilt that will be donated to a local hospice. To raise money or just to use.
Additions to my craft room. Thanks DH for putting up so quikly.

Had a little trip to Ikea in the school holidays and found me a nice little shelf for all my different craft bags. Always have some sort of hand stitching, knitting or something crafty with me when I am out watching/waiting for the squids to do there sporty things. Never any idle hands.
NOTE: to self, need to work on idle legs.
Off to do some work.     Bye Sandra

1 comment:

sunny said...

Oh I love your note to self! I sit entirely too much while 'm crafting, but my hands are never idle! Nice shelf.