Monday, 12 December 2011

Can't Fix my Blog, not sure what I did!!
Now the header will not load a picture.
Oh Well just keep swimming I say.

Had. a MAD weekend again
Thanks Mum for coming & joining our mad house
Squid1 loves it when you come and watch her dance.

Well have been working hard on my quilt
which is on the machine at the moment.
Only have 5 blocks left to quilt, boarders and blinding.
Should be out by next week no worries.

Will need to go now and catch up on some sleep.
Hugs All Sandra


Maria said...

OH NO!!!! But it does have the festive look. LOL

WOW Sandra how fast are you. Nearly finished the quilting.

Yep a great weekend and I loved it. I also must away to bed. Very tired!!!

Anonymous said...

trickey things these blogs