Saturday, 17 December 2011

FNSI 2nd Christmas edition

Now only one more Friday night before Christmas.
Project 1
Put the binding on and finished the
Garden Fence quilt off.
So happy with the end product.

I am sure it will be loved with as much love
as I have put into it.
The scrappy back turned out well, just forgot to take a picture.

Project 2
 Now you don't normally need this type of equipment in the sewing room!!
Saw, hammer and vice!!!!
But you do when you have to make a corset!!
Here is Daisy modelling my latest outfit.

Still need to put the finishing touches on & then take it for a spin on Sunday night.
I will get friends to take a picture when I have it on.
Must go and do some more sewing.
Hugs Sandra   


Anonymous said...

whow Sandra that quilt is unreal,well done on a lovely finish,and your costume looks interesting.xx

Maria said...

OH Sandra you are going to make your friend CRY HEAPS!!!!
Your quilt has turned out fabulous and the binding looks great.Shame you did not take a photo of the back...
Oh I think I would cry if I had to wear the corset. Have heaps of fun tomorrow night XXXXX

Pam said...

Your garden fence quilt is magnificent!!!

Fiona said...

Love the quilt... always have, always will and what a fantastic gift... looking forward to seeing you in your corset..... so clever!!

manuela said...

Your quilt is very beautiful!
Merry Christmas!