Tuesday, 6 December 2011

What a full weekend!!!!

After school Squid1 had
full dance rehearsal for the opening number and
slow modern class
Morning - girlie shopping with Squid1 for shoes 
Luncheon with Mum and the WASquilter - very nice
Evening - BBQ dinner with friends & 
started and finished first of Squid1 dress
Orange linen (material purchased in Gothland Sweden..cool)
 11th century Norman style

PJ day with Mum
Finished off second of Squid1 dresses
Nice little black and white number
for Squid1's End of Year dinner dance.

DH and Squid's went to be apart of the Christmas Pageant
Quite night.


Squid's off to school, Mum and I do some quick material shopping.
Mum goes back home and DH & I go Xmas shopping
Squid1 full dance rehearsal Tap & Jazz classes
Here are the little numbers I made in action
Quick change for Squid1 and off to her dinner dance.
30mins away from Perth

DH and Squid2 off to race Billy cart made together for Cub Scouts
Home late and every one in bed Zzz.

Phew what a weekend!!!!
Now I only have to make a Steampunk outfit for me
and finish a quilt before Xmas!
Hugs Sandra


Maria said...

Oh you look beautiful my GD1. Mum did a great job sewing for you and the other dance girls.
Thanks for a great busy weekend.
Will do it again next weekend. LOL

Fiona said...

You sound so busy... lovely outfits....

Anonymous said...

goodness i got dizzy just trying to read all you have done,what an almighty effort.