Saturday, 14 January 2012

Lost Mojo

Please help ME!!!
I have lost my Mojo.
DH has gone off to work, he did leave something behind for me! A Flu!!
Coupled with hot weather and some cabin fever Squids my motivation has evaporated.
Tove stop that.


Now it time to run!!!

Look at what happened to the Kitchen windows.
Should have known it wouldn't stay straight with cyclone Tove in the house.

Oh well I may have to go and start sorting out my craft room, it is in need of a good clean.
Cluttered house equals cluttered mind. Might be a good start.

Squid1 has just made me a coffee, might be time for a board game of some sort.

Hugs Sandra


Maria said...

Oh no!!!!! Guess that is what happens when you have a new helper.Takes time to teach them
Hope you feel better soon. XXX
Enjoy your board game. Wish I was there :(

Karen 'n Chris said...

Lost mojo and the flu. Aarrgghh!!! That is something that I completely understand. Hang in there, the mojo will return and if nothing else at least there the entertainment is provided.
Hope you feel better real soon.
Hugs from across the country.