Sunday, 6 July 2014

Fnwfs and a great finish

One of these great nights always comes up when I have something that needs finishing.
Or is that just I have soooo many things going on and it is the best way to set time aside to do them.

Front panel
Just took these photos of Oliver's quilt and the heavens opened.
This is the fence where the photo was taken below.

The West hasn't been this wet in the winter in years love it. Can go and sew and not feel guilty about being outside. Luv Sandra


Maria said...

Oliver's quilt looks fantastic and I am sure Lara will love it..
How lucky were you to have just removed the quilt before that down pour...

Annette said...

Lucky Oliver, the quilt is lovely also love what you've done for a backing! Where in the West are you, I heard on radio Perth was wet, my hubby is On Grandfather duties in Southern River for school hols, while I'm sewing in Melbourne! Take care Annette

Anthea said...

Ha Sandra, I was only just wondering where you were at with that quilt! Well done it looks wonderful, a fab boys quilt!

Yes it's been great to get the rains... just need more, but without the ghastly wrecking winds