Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Bunny Kisses

UFO's on the Back Burner

After meeting new people at our bloggers meeting I have been introduced to some new modern quilt blogs. Mmmmm new blocks to try. I have gone on a little side track Opps. 
Here is a little one I made called Bunny Kisses. 

Made a little mistake when putting it together. Can anyone see what it is. Didn't notice until I hung it on the fence. LOL maybe some webbing was in order!

As apart of the Arts festival on in Perth, giant puppets have been wondering around the CBD. 
So the family & I headed out to see them. It was an amazing site. We found the giant diver sleeping in the park, he was waken up with music, then he had his helmet put on & then off he went looking for the little girl.

Then we saw the giant girl riding on her boat down the street. We had a great spot above all the crowd. And got to see her quite clearly. After this we all went out for dinner. 


Maria said...

Can't pick your OPPS!!
Cute wee quilt..

Delighted you all enjoyed the Giants. thanks for the great photos.

sunny said...

What an interesting day. I can't see any mistakes in the quilt. It's cute.