Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Day1 & 2

Well here we are.....all the way across the other side of the world!!!!! Finland to start our Scandinavian holiday.
First we had to work through the looong flights across many lands some being Asian islands, China, Russia.
Finally to find our way to a city called Helsinki, right in the middle of the lands of the midnight sun. Being now 10.20pm and out side looks maybe an hour before sunset.

Went down to the local markets today and came across some little folk, elves the local call them. Very checky......just look!!!

Look there where a whole bunch of them, very cute but I don't know if I trust them?
Must be off now and try to catch some ferry.
Bring you some more fun from aboard......tomorrow or when I find free WiFi.
Hugs Sandra
P.S Look who I found with my cider, it is Meri!!!!
She must of found her way into my handbag......checky little elf!!!


Fiona@BubzRugz said...

I hope you have a wonderful holiday - fascinating to be somewhere completely different.... will you sauna and roll in snow? and those elves have such character faces.... love them..

Catherine said...

That little elf is sooooooo cute ::))
Enjoy your holiday/trip and how simply wonderful we can share it with you via your blog

Karen 'n Chris said...

Happy you survived the trip. You are now in the land (well next door to) of my ancestors. I'm green with envy.
Love the elves, specially the cheeky tongue poking one. Meri is so cute. Hope she enjoys the rest of your travels too.

Maria said...

Hi Sandra. It is so nice to read your post.
Oh those elves are just so gorgeous.
Wonder if one will pop up in my post????
Have fun
Love Mum XXXX

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