Sunday, 3 July 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!

 Out for Coffee & Cake
on my birthday how nice

Presents the Squids gave me..picked them
all on there own, so cute
Love Heart chocolates and an umbrella

Squid1 enjoying a hot chocolate 

I like this one because Squid2 is
trying to tickle me while I am taking the photo
Trying out my new camera down by the Canning River
Look who came along!!! Black swans.

 Enjoying a cool but sunny day by the riverside in Perth.
Off home to put my feet up and do some stitching.
Love lazy Sundays.
Hugs Sandra


Kate said...

Happy Birthday! Are you off to Europe? It has been so long since I was in Denmark - I just wandered and found fabric shops as I went.

sunny said...

Happy Birthday! What awesome thing did you Mum make for you?

Maria said...

Lovely gifts the squids chose for you Sandra.
Looks like you enjoyed going out for coffee at the river. Even the swans came to wish you a Happy Birthday. XXXXX