Monday, 3 October 2011

Birthday Fun

Day Three

Today we stayed in Perth for some Birthday Fun. DS had a 9th Birthday to attend, otherwise we would have been in the land of sunshine and Oma kisses.
It was a great affair, one of those laser tag games where the kids just run for an hour. Mean while Ness and I chatted and drank coffee, great party Michael.

Still achieved a good deal of work, Housework - check, washing & folding - check, cutting more garden fences (to take to Mum's) and finished off some cards - check.
Also cleaned out fish (was looking more like a lava lamp than fish) and packed car.

Really looking forward to the drive up to Mum and Dads, and more holiday fun along the way.


sunny said...

Sounds like you're enjoying the holiday. Great quilts in the making.

Maria said...

Oh Sorry about the Sunshine. It has been raining here but we can have cuddles and kisses. Stitch, play games watch movies and just have fun. Mum/Oma XXXX