Sunday, 2 October 2011

Getting work done!!!

Day two

Quite day at home, board games, TV and  computer time and
Yes time for me to get some work done...... 

 The Garden Fence quilt is in its second stage.
Must mix up all the fabrics and make the next set.
Still don't know what size it will be??? Or who it is for!

My B&W cobblestone have been put together as four place mats and a table runner.
I think they have worked out nicely.

Off to sew for something different.....he he


Maria said...

Love that Garden Fence payyern. Can you please bring me a copy on Tuesday. Thanks XX

The B/Ws have made a great Table runner and place mats. Are they for you????

Maria said...

Opps!! pattern. LOL

Cat said...

The garden fence looks great! Love it xxx