Thursday, 13 October 2011

Holiday Fun

Camping with Pop 
at Coolcallaya Station
Had a great time with Pop (my Dad) on the station.
Helping Pop with visitors, feeding the animals,
riding his 4 wheeler bike, kayaking, swimming and more swimming.
It was warm around 30C but nothing like summer time 50/60C  
Hippo Lake
Squid1 Kayaking on Hippo Lake
Small lizard, size of a mouse
Large lizard, size of a Sm dog!!
 We are glad that we have seen just a little more of Western Australia
It was a beautiful place.
Not sure where our next holiday will take us.

Murchison River

Squid1 & Squid2 working the farm dogs

   Just hanging at home for the rest of the holidays
catching up with friends and doing gardening
Craft and things


Maria said...

Great photos of your camping trip.

Cat said...

Awesomeness photos xxx

sunny said...

Thanks for sharing all your photos. Not sure what I would do if I ran into a lizard the size of a small dog. Ewww!!!!!

Kate said...

Such fantastic pictures, I really need to head north again soon.

Pam said...

Fabulous photos!!! You've taken some beautiful shots. Great to find another Aussie blogger.