Thursday, 20 October 2011

Catching up

Spent the week catching up on projects.
In the craft room, top secrete Santa swap business.
In the garden/sand pit and around the house.

Will post again on Saturday, plan to be very busy on Friday night Sew in, great fun.

See you then.


Maria said...

We will be stiching together even though we are miles apart.
Have Fun XX

Jeanneke said...

You're a busy bee!
Till soon, looking forward to your next post.
Happy stitching!

Fiona said...

Haha... lots of Secret Santa business happening all over... thanks for the comment on my blog about the quilt... it came through no reply... but I did get it!!
We'll stitch together tonight!!

Karen 'n Chris said...

I finally caught up with all you have been doing. Awesome school holiday adventures.
The only thing I am up to date with is my secrety stitching stuff - lol - and I cant blog about that.
Hope the weather is behaving over there, looked a little wild for a day or two.