Monday, 21 November 2011

Belated FNSI

Here we are Monday Night and the first opportunity to post
All done!!

Well FNSI turned into Friday, Saturday,
Sunday and an hour into Monday
sew in.

The upside to ALLLLLL that sewing on one type of item
is that is ALL FINISHED.
Yes all 24 (no wait 25 made a little one for Amy)
 are all done YES!!!!

Now I can move onto some fun things.
Hope you all had a good weekend
Hugs Sandra


sunny said...

i bet there are 25 little girls out there who know that you are the BEST mum!

Maria said...

Well done Sandra.I bet you are pleased they are done.
Please send a photo of little Amy in her dance skirt.

Anonymous said...

Love the fabric you chose for the skirts. They are so cute! I can just imagine how good it feels to have them all finished.