Wednesday, 9 November 2011

No Idle Hands

Long time between Posts, not that I have been idle!!!!
Man look at the mess I am in, with projects backing up into the work space.
What a mess!!
No time for cleaning have to many things on the ASAP list.

1. Xmas swap - it is coming Karren
2. Squid1 dance troop 24 costumes

it moved into the dinning room

7 down 17 to GO!!

3. Dress for Squid1s finishing dinner
4. Quilt for friends special Bday
5. Started a causal job up until Xmas

All this to be finished before the 10th Dec. & many
things before that time as well.
Man I must be mad...but I will get in done.
Must go get dinner started........


Maria said...

You go girl!!!
why do we always put ourselves under the pump???

sunny said...

24 costumes?!? Are you related to Wonder Woman? Oh that's right, you are. Looks like lots of fun happening at your house. Love the colors of the cosutmes.

Jeanneke said...

Is this the ultimate Playing Tiddleywinks With The Whosawackers?
You do honour to your name!



Fiona said...

Haha.... I remember it well.... you have taken a big job on!!! Just to say thanks for a comment on my blog... it came as a no reply so I popped over... good luck...

Anonymous said...

what a busy girl you are,good luck with everything,mum sent me over.

Kate said...

Good luck with the costumes!!