Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day Light Hours
Now we can see the colours in the daylight.
The next boarder has been added which was kindly donated
by Mum (Life on the Block). A lovely dragon fly pattern.

Here you can see the size of the blocks with my painted toe nails (Xmas present from Mum)
Now I have the task of arranging all the blocks
So the patterns don't clash.
Off for a swim with the squids, need to work off birthday cake.
Hugs Sandra


Maria said...

What a differance bewteen the two photos. The colours are just gorgeous together and the dragonfly BORDER looks great. so suitable for your friend who loves nature.
Enjoy your swim.
Hope you had a great day Squid 1. XXX

Susan, Southport said...

nice colour toenails!

Anonymous said...

whow stunning colours Sandra i cant believe the difference between the night and day pics,hope you all had a good swim.xx

Karen 'n Chris said...

The quilt is turning out rather nice. Daylight does make a huge difference in how you see colours.
Love Love Love the new header picture. Absolutely gorgeous pic.

Maria said...

LOL Are you all mad??????

Nice dots......