Monday, 9 January 2012

Window Finished

When first putting these blocks together I was not happy with the frame colour. After taking Squid1 to buy some of her school books, we popped into a fabric store for a fresh look at frame colours. After spending 20mins looking at different browns I took some home. Only to unpick one block and resew with the new colour.  No luck, It looked better with the original chose. So I soldiered on and finished the windows today.
 This photo is not good because of the bad lighting in my craft room at night, but they are coming together quite well.

Had a little helper in the craft room today. Can you spot him in my mess!!!
Must be off and need to decorate a cake
for Squid1's Birthday tomorrow.
Hugs Sandra


Maria said...

Yep your original CHOICE is the best. I really love that green. hope you take a daytime photo soon.
Ohhhh how cute is your little helper. Looking forward to meeting him.
What type of cake did Squid1 choose??

Fiona said...

its amazing how first choices are often the best ones.... little helper too cute..

Anonymous said...

Sandra i love the colour,its funny how we often go back to the orginal one,it will be awesome when put together,well done.
Happy birthday squid 1,enjoy your day.xx