Sunday, 22 April 2012

FNSI - April

Well long time No Blog!!!
That is what you get when you find yourself a job.
Thanks to all my family for helping me get back to work.

Not that the sewing has stopped, just the blogging

Here is what I finished on Aprils FNSI
I have needed to make a NEW viking outfit.
So Friday I finish off the hand sewing on the under dress.
Then I worked on the apron, which is the brown over dress,
from start to finish.

Every viking women had beautiful jewellery

This fabric was purchased in Sweden last year
Along with many of my precious viking keys

It was all finish for a photo shoot on Saturday morning.
Hopefully I can get some photos of the day.

Thanks to Mum for my lovely 
little pin cushion
My furry design assistant loves it too.


Maria said...

WOW Sandra your viking outfit looks great. I love the patterned fabric that you bought in Sweden.
Oh Holly you are so cute....

sunny said...

You are multi-talented! Sorry you had to go back to work. I recently went back, too, and it really does interfere with the life I'd like to be living!