Saturday, 16 June 2012

FNSI 15 June 2012

Cut out new slash bag

Fun Had by All

Thanks to Mum at Life on the Block for signing me up for FNSI.

It had been a long time since I had sent time with a group of craft ladies I love to create with.
So FNSI was the perfect time to get together.
We pulled out some UFO's from the cupboard and set to work with coffee, snacks and laughs.

Friends DD1(18yrs) came along and stepped into our world of craft, by starting earn how to crochet.
With time on her hands after a sports injury and operation has left her bed ridden. She really enjoyed it.
My Squid1(12yrs) also made some beautiful cards, which is her favourite thing to do in the craft room.

Worked on Squid2 Art to Quilt project.
I think we will try to keep up the meetings on FNSI, lets just make it a date.

Note: Mum we will need you to try and make one of our get togethers when you are on your way through to a retreat.

Love Sandra XXXOOO
Have fun crafting people :-)


Fiona said...

What a brilliant idea to sew together... I love the look of your Art to Quilt...

Maria said...

How I wish I was with you ladies as you did craft,chatted ate drank and laughed...

Love the colours for Kate's bag.
Squid 2s art is looking great in the stitchery.

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