Thursday, 25 April 2013

ANZAC Day 2013

First I would like to say have a good ANZAC Day to Dad and all the men & women that have served us over the years.

After rising early and taking part in a ANZAC Day parade with pride, the day was all mine!
So what to do!!

Life lately has been beyond busy. Work stress has reached an all time high, coupled with a tight diet & exercise plan (lost 8kg in 10 weeks), kids, school & after school commitments (1-2 different things each day) it is time to sit.

BUT as one craft person to another we can not just sit there must be something in our hands to do!

Below is the view as I sit & stitch. Challenge quilt I am doing with Mum(Life on the Block fame) in progress.

Stitching a picture from the 'The Bayevx Tapestry' for a banner I am making.

I haven't spent all day stitching, also been working on the mess in the craft room. Scraps!!

Also more work on the challenge quilt with a cuppa. Ran out of the dark blue...nooooo. All I need is 4-1 x 9.5in stripes to finish the last block. Public holiday and no craft stores open nooooo.
Love the cup DH got for me, sums up my world!!

Time now to pop some things in the car for a trip down south, and a bit more sewing he he
Lub Sandra


Maria said...

Your life is always very hectic my DD.. You can't say you are bored..LOL
Congratulations on the weight loss, well done.Great result for all your hard work.Keep it up,XXX
Your challange qulit is fabulous and love all the different blocks you are making....
Your stitchery is coming along nicely too.
Enjoy your break..
P.S. No more Dongara Daisies......

marina said...

you have a great collection of blocks there.
interesting stitching....
hope you get some more of the fabric you are missing and get plenty of sewing time.

Anthea said...

Hi Sandra, lovely to catch up on your news...
Gosh, I hope you can get some more of the fabric you are out of, that's annoying... it's all looking good so far!
ps: if you are able to join us in Perth for the bloggers meet up at the Craft Quilt Fair at the end of May it would be so great to meet you
Anthea x

Unknown said...

Great blog, blown away with all your quilts :)) I had a clean up today of my craft room, so I know just what you are saying..(sigh)

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