Saturday, 4 May 2013


Good Night In

Here is the work I got done on Friday night.
Friends were meant to come around, but I ended up on my lonesome.
Not really for I know there was at least 50 ladies were sewing
out in the great craft world. :-)

Looking great by the pool
This is a challenge quilt Mum(Life on the Block) and I have been doing. Maybe Mum could put hers up so I can see it. We had the same fabric and where only aloud to add one more. I added the dark blue.

Had to piece together a backing after placing some of the checked
Needs to be cut down to size
fabric in the front panel. Sure it will look fine. Maybe Mum can help sandwich and pin it when she comes up next!!!! Please.

Also planted some winter veggies, hope this spot gets enough sun during the day for my broccoli.
Don't you just love how a cat will magic its way into a photo...LOL 
Thanks Tove for model two new Jelly roll heart quilts
I had striped & cut them a couple of months back
Last night I finally put them together.
Do you think they need another boarder around them?? 

They are only lap quilts and are all ready 45"x45".

Must be off, food shopping, kids party and a BBQ 
for the rest of today's 
Hugz Sandra


Maria said...

OMG Sandra that is just gorgeous...
Is this my new quilt for my bed ?????
and TWO Jelly Roll tops as well..Great work.. Amazing what you can get done when you are not at work.
They looks fine as is Sandra.
OH your vegie patch is invisible.LOL

Noela said...

Love your large quilt and the 2 smaller quilts also. Don't think they need another border if they are big enough already. Hugs....

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Looks fantastic. When Mum comes up be sure to make sure she brings her challenge quilt and photograph them together :o) Glade I have found your blog. hugs

Anonymous said...

great work Sandra,you sure have been busy.xx

Heather said...

It was a busy night at your place. I love the lap quilts and the challenge
quilt is beautiful.

Mistea said...

Beautiful - all of them.
Love the challenge quilt. Those hearts are very clever.

Fiona said...

Lovely quilts... those jelly roll ones are striking....
... and thanks for your visit... it came through as no reply - sometimes they do... so I am answering here....

wish2stitch said...

The quilt looks great and I really liked the pieced back.

Josie said...

Fabulous quilts! Love your challenge quilt and the pieced back. Those jelly roll quilts are brilliant too. Great colours.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Beautiful quilts! And the small ones look great, no need to add another border.

Anthea said...

Oh the Challenge is heating up!!
Sandra it's looking amazing, well done. The colours you two chose are really striking and the dark blue is a good additional choice...
Great sewing there x

marina said...

great finish!
love your jelly roll quilts too.

Maria said...

Did you do anything for FNSI???

Claire said...

Oh wow! I read your Mum's blog and have seen those colours and now to find another gorgeous quilt with the same colours...might have to be a copy cat quilter!

Sheila said...

Your Mum directed me to your blog to check out your lovely quilt , I was admiring her quilt today and wow you both have made beautiful quilts with these fabrics . I am sure if you talk real sweetly to your Mom she will pink the quilt for you . Your lap quilts are lovely too , great job!!
Sheila in Nova Scotia