Monday, 15 July 2013

Busy busy with two on the go!

9th Tuesday
While out at the movies with DH, Squid1 & 2 I got a little card in the mail to collect my fabric from America! Ooooo lookie here!!

Such fun to be had.
Now I can catch up on my Aiming with Accuracy Blocks with Mum. Not sure which fabric to use out of the two right hand bundles?
But first cab off the rank will have to be my niece & nephew's cot quilts as they are due at the end of the month.

First I found a great little cot quilt pattern from the Two Little Banshees blog, love your work Kate. Only needing 6 fat quarters. Used the pink, blue and brown from the
Windson Lane - Bunny Hill Designs. In the box under the pen. Green fabric for a later date.
Cut out both quilts sewed the tops together in one day. Wow!
With a little help from Squid1.
At one stage she would be waiting behind me to finish sewing, when I got up to Iron she would sit down & do her blocks. Tag Team Twin Quilting LOL.

Had to go to work. Noooooo on such a roll. When at work got a call from DH to say the babies had been born, Yes!
Went to my favourite fabric store (ladies asked were my Mum was ha ha) on the way home & found the best backing for both quilts. White with blue dots & musty pink with dark pink dots.
Went straight home & started to sandwich and quilt them. All done in one night!
Tried two different quilting styles.

More work! Home at the end of the day dinner made for me Ummm.
Home in the evening, cut, iron and finished binding on the blue one.

Off to the Western Australin Art gallery, Van Gough, Dali, Coffee and cake. Nice work.

Home again, cut, iron and finished binding on the pink one.
In the wash to hang out to dry.

15th Monday
All packed up to pop in the mail today! WOW that was quick.
Off to work on my next project!
Have fun on the holidays Lub Sandra


Anthea said...

Oh wow I love these quilts Sandra - and you put them together so quickly!!
The fabrics are so gorgeous, perfect for bubs.
Have fun with the rest of the bundles!! x

Maria said...

WOW! Sandra both Charlotte and Eddie's quilts are gorgeous..
What a great job with the help of our new patcher worker Squid 1.....

Maria said...

PS Have signed you up for FNSI. OK..

simplestitches said...

great job...they both look wonderful, I'm sure the babies will love them!

Deb R said...

Your quilts are gorgeous, love Bunny Hill fabrics too!

Helen said...

Love the cot quilts,gorgeous with the bunny hill fabric.:-)))

sunny said...

I'm drooling over all that fabric! And those are adorable quilts that you whipped up in no time!