Monday, 8 July 2013

Loving the Holidays

Loving the holidays, it is just great to have time to get things done!.

Made this table runner last night! Hand sitched the binding and all.
Sad that Wimbledon is over, can't justify sitting on the couch now.

Don't WHY but also started cutting out a new project!

Always need somethng new to get you in the mood.
Just like when you go shopping for clothes, buy a pair of shoes and your off to a great start.
Off now for a Birthday coffee with a friend :-)

Lub Sandra


Anthea said...

What a great runner, Sandra! Well there is still Tour de France, if you stay up really late, LOL (I do!!)
Love the fabric for the new project, very modern!

Maria said...

Love the table runner and a great UFO to mark off the list...
Loving the colours of those fabrics for your new project...