Thursday, 5 February 2015

UFO Number Two 2015

Yin & Yang
Here is my next project. B&W blocks for a single bed size lap quilt.

It is a UFO from 2010 when we moved into the new house. Mum purchased a whole kit for me to make a quilt for my husbands B&W themed Theatre Room.

The blocks have been going together quiet easily being 151/2" sq finished.
Now it is time to sorted their layout & sew them together in time for the Bloggers shopping trip on Saturday. Where I will find a backing to complete them.
Oh this is only half the blocks!
Hugs Sandra


Maria said...

You are on a roll. Blocks look good. Will be a quilt soon...

Jeneta said...
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Jeneta said...

I love these blocks! Simple but effective. What a great quilt this will be.

Jeneta said...

Hi Sandra. Thanks for visiting my blog! I went to reply to your comment but then realised that you were a 'no reply' blogger comment! It was so lovely to meet you on Saturday. I'm looking forward to following you on your blog too. Jeneta x