Saturday, 21 March 2015

FNWFS March 2015

Thanks to all the lovely ladies that I have joined to FNWFS tonight.
Hope you enjoyed a crafty evening.

Last night I worked on a boarder for the latest UFO quilt that I am attempting to finish.
This quilt just needs a little more width in the side boarders so it sits nicely on the bed.

So I set out to make a braided boarder!
I have not done one of these before, so off to YouTube I head and find myself a tut. 
The tut I found used triangles to make up the braid, which meant that I could use my new ruler which I purchased on a Bloggers get together recently.
The braid is coming along!

Hope you all had a good Friday Night
Hugs Sandra


Maria said...

The Braid is looking great.How good you can use your new ruler.Keep on sewing Sandra and I look forward to seeing the boarders on. XX

Karen's Korner said...

Lovely idea for the border. I just love you-tube.

Katherine said...

Love the look of the borders and isnt it great how many wonderful tools are around now to help us

barb's creations said...

Love the idea of using a braid for the border :) Barb.

Raewyn said...

The braid will make a great border for your quilt - looks like you are nearing another finish!

Anthea said...

Hi Sandra - wow just too clever - the braid border will make it a super-duper finish... you're on a roll with finishes!

Flickenstichlerin said...

Very pretty border, I have not done of of these before either. Looks so nice, great idea.

Josie said...

Love that quilt!! The braid border will look fabulous. YouTube is really useful to us sewers isn't it.... :o) Have

apple blossom said...

nice job

Kim said...

Looks good.

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