Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Fabric Fun

Well a lot has been achieved over the last couple of weeks since my last post.
Sorry to the Fridays ladies for not posting earlier. Did think that FnWF was this week Opps.

Boarders finished on the A4AQ! Tick
Awaiting a trip to visit Mum's in the school holidays to pick up a backing fabric to complete the pinning and quilting.

Jelly roll challange completed. Set by Mum for her patch group. Tick
Will pin this when a friend is pops over to pin her UFO this Friday.

Now onto my latest project.....a little something for me.
It is Called X & + by Birgitte Heitland.
I even brought the recommend fabric "Comma" by Moda many moons ago.
Loads of cutting with this one. Cut 288x2 1/2" blocks!!!
Now the fun part of lying out the colours for each block. Wish I had a design wall for this bit.

First block finished. 😍

Busy, busy, busy, fun, fun, fun.


Maria said...

You have been busy!! A4A is gorgeous! Nice Jelly Roll..
Love those noughts and crosses....can't wait to see them made into a quilt..

Anthea said...

Hi Sandra - got the selvedges, thanks, they're great!

Wow the A4A quilt is amazing - great job & the fabrics are fab - good on you - it looks huge!

Great work on the jelly roll challenge - you've been a busy lady!