Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Little Finishers

As time passes by you don't think of yourself getting older....until one of your oldest freinds daughter is having a baby!!!!
Wow stop the world I would like to get off for 5mins.

After finding out the news my crafty mind kicked into planning a little quilt.
These guys live up in Kununurra in the north of Western Australia, so not a great need for a quilt.
So a floor rug was more my thinking. 
Quilt finished size 45'x45'. It was meant to be a dissapearing 9patch but I got lost along the way!
Used fabric brought on the last Bloggers get together!
Here is the quilt what do you think?


Also wanted to show you the backing of the Pink Pinwheel Jellyroll quilt. It has stopped raining long enough to hang it out.

Have a great day Hugz Sandra


Chookyblue...... said...

that is a sharp reminder of your age when your friend is going to be a granny.........
lovely quilt.......perfect colours........

Lisa V said...

Gorgeous, love the colours!
Great catching up with you on Saturday!

Anthea said...

Wow Sandra - I love it! Great job, & I like that you didn't do the standard d9p layout... great fabrics too...

Love that pink backing too, very clever

sunny said...

That turned out great! I'm sure it will be well loved. And you're too young to be having friends who have grandies!!

Maria said...

Love it Sandra and sew will the new young Mum.

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