Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Long Weekend in the West

Friday night I joined in with Chooky Blue and the girls for her party. Happy Birthday Chooky.
Sorry I think my Http address was wrong!!
Some great work was done by all. I just manage a Piñata block.

Mum had found this scrappy block which we are both using to work through our bucket loads of scraps or unwanted fabric. My twist on the theme is that every time I finish a quilt I make a piñata block. So in the end all my sweet quilts will be in one! Just like a Piñata!

Now this was a lonng weekend in the west so Squid2 was off on an annual Scouts camp 2hours North of Perth. Thanks to DH for taking him there on Friday otherwise I would have missed the party!

With one Squid1 out the door it was time to repainted Squid2 room as promised!! Full steam ahead to get it done before the end of the weekend. So with DH help we striped the room, filled the gaps, cut in and manage two coats. What a job. All Squids things need to return.

In between painting duties I manage to start a project that I have been eyeing off for a while. 

After buying some fabric for Squid1 (which was rejected)! I could not see this lovely fabric (in Mums eyes was just right) go to waste. So I put it to good use.Can you believe it starts with a triangle.

Just need to sandwich and quilt then I can hang it proudly in my craft room. What do you think?

Hugz Sandra


sunny said...

What an ambitious weekend! I'm glad you found at least a little time for some party sewing. The wall hanging looks great.

Maria said...

A very productive lonnnng weekend my DD. XX.

Squid1s room looks great and I love your wall hanging and perfect Piñata block... 😜

kiwikid said...

Wow you had a busy weekend!! Squid 1's room looks fantastic...love the fabric and your wall hanging!

Lisa V said...

I love it, great colours!

Anthea said...

I think I love it Sandra! Very 'you'!!
well done on all the painting too, not an easy job, the colour is great for a young guy.

Deb R said...

Wow you were very productive, love your first block!

Chookyblue...... said...

those blocks look great..........