Saturday, 22 October 2011


Starting point

Tonight for FNSI I promised myself that I would make MY skirt!!!!
Mum had brought me this lovely material maybe two years ago 
on one of our craft days out. 
You know out for coffee and cake and then material shop
hopping for the rest of the day, Oh and maybe lunch in there as well. 

It is so much fun enjoying the same pass times and your Mum!
So what do you think now all I need to do is go clothes shopping 
To find a nice shirt/t-shirt to go with it.....when is your next visit Mum?????
All finished


Nancy Lee said...

I love that fabric! Going out for coffee, cake and fabric with your mom? Priceless!
Glad to hear you also enjoyed FNSI.

lesleyworth said...

fab skirt! shop-hopping with the Mom sounds wonderful!

Maria said...

The skirt looks fabulous.Well done.
Next visit in a few weeks. Shopping and coffee sounds great. XXX

Fiona said...

Love the skirt..... the colours are just lovely.... as a mum who gets to go out with one of my daughters I can assure you us mums love it more!!

Anonymous said...

What a great finish for FNSI. And such pretty fabric.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Beautiful fabric!!! I like the sound of your Craft Days out with your Mum.

Jandi said...

What a cute skirt! I love fabric shopping, but fabric shopping with my mom is the best!

corina said...

Great skirt! You chose wonderful fabrics!

Kate said...

That is great skirt fabric! I think I bought my Single Girl quilt online at Purl Soho.

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Love that fabric too! I wish my mom lived close enough to go shop hopping! :o) I'm a new follower.